Hello World! I'm Valentina Hyde! I'm an Italian graphic designer who has lived in London since 2014.
Currently I am working as junior graphic designer for an e-commerce company in London, but for a couple of years, to help pay my rent and to support my design diploma completion at Shillington College, I worked as barista and I can make amazing flat white! In Italy I worked for 6 years for a publishing house as graphic designer and have always loved art and design since when I could crawl. In the summer of 2016 I decided to enrol at Shillington College to renew and improve my skills as a graphic designer. After nine months I have now graduated! After the experience, design has been the centre of my life like it has never before and now I have a whole new approach to design. In my spare time I write articles for an Italian on-line magazine called "Osso Magazine" about designer that had chosen London as their own new home. Feel free to contact me for every enquires. 
Valentina Hyde

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